lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017

Day 2 .
Daily Report: Séptimo A
INGLÉS UNOi: Follow up on the short story the students are writing.
HOMEWORK: Using the following definitions, do exercises 3 and 4 pages 74-75 in Language Artist:
- Exposition: This is at the beginning of the story, where characters and setting are introduced to the reader.
- Rising Action: This is when things begin to take form in the story
- Conflict: This is the main source of drama in the story
- Climax: This is when everything comes to a high point of drama, where the conflict is at its absolute peak
- Falling Action: The climax conclude here and the action tends to slow down
- Resolution: Here the conflict is often resolved or solutions are found.
FRANCÉS: Parler de sa personnalité, activité horoscope: qualités et défauts.
EDU.FÍSICA: En la clase de hoy comenzamos a trabajar fundamentos básicos del futbol, por grupos Desarrollamos Actividades de conducción de balón.
Thank you
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